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Introduction & Goals

BoulderNet is a volunteer organization helping individuals through career transitions in Boulder, Colorado. They needed a visual brand to help their members find them and differentiate them from other organizations with similar names. Their new branding needed to be clear, professional, and approachable. It also had to feature people at the center, while being mindful of inclusivity and diversity, and somehow include the local community that it represents.

Process & Experience

A discovery process is fundamental to understanding an organization's goals, their competitors, their brand, messaging, and especially their target audience. Guided by the information learned during the discovery process, the next step is an exploration of symbols, concepts, images, and colors that align with the organization's goals.

The Solution

The resulting logo design focuses on the humans at the center of the work that BoulderNet does, while nodding to the Boulder community through the outline and shape of the Flatiron mountains. The selected complementary color scheme combines the calming, professional, and authoritative qualities of the color blue with the energetic, positive, and associations of success and achievement of the color gold.

BoulderNet Style Guide

BoulderNet's Style Guide